Happy New Year 2022

Let’s celebrate 2022 together by joining our happy customers from all around the world! A bunch of services is ready for you to pick and improve your website and prepare it for success, and help you get more revenue.

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​We turn ideas into true successful stories

​Nasriya Software got launched with the primary aim of providing web application development, creative designs, SEO, and marketing for individuals and businesses alike to help them achieve their goals in cost-effective ways.

We create stunning web applications.

From security to convenient, Nasriya Software has everything to improve your existing site or get you a professional one.

Multilingual Apps

​Extend your online business worldwide with multilingual-ready apps with different layouts and interfaces, L2R & R2L ready apps.

Security Solutions

Protect your website with high-end security standards and features, verifications, login history, OTPs, Geo & IP restriction, etc...

Multi-Currency eCommerce

Show your products and services in your visitors' local currency based on their country and/or language.

Third-Party API Integrations